About Us

Our company is ready to offer you gorgeous and luxurious Mercedes salvage cars for sale. Due to the salvage titles all these Mercedes cars can be purchased at the most impressive for a buyer prices. ''Salvage title'' means that these cars suffered some accidents. They received some damages which can be really inconsiderable. They may be the subject of easy and fast repairs - perfect variant for those who want to rebuilt a car or need some parts for a Mercedes. At our website you will find all models of Mercedes.

Where are these Mercedes cars located? The auction facilities are situated all over the USA. Any individual can take up a car which is crosier to his or her location. The purchasing process is very fast and easy: you need to give your own price on a car - you should place a bid online. Our support group is ready to assist you during the whole process.

If you choose a Mercedes which is far away from your location, you can always arrange transportation with our company to Europe, Asia or across the USA.

If you are interested in some of the models exhibited for sale, you can contact us right now! We will be happy to assist you.